Client Testimonials

What do our clients say about our service?

Getting Gareth’s help was probably the most sensible thing I’ve done for as long as I can remember. In just 15 weeks, I’ve gone from being seriously overweight and unfit, to slim and athletic. With Gareth’s fitness regime and assistance in my diet plan i’ve managed to lose 15kg of fat and am able to exercise for long periods of time without feeling too bad. I’d definitely recommend Ashplant Fitness to anyone who wants to get in shape, sensibly but relatively quickly.“ Daniel (Student)

I knew I needed to try to get fitter if I wanted to improve my overall health. As a person who doesn’t like fitness workouts I am thrilled to have found Gareth. He makes sure I stay motivated. He makes sure I work within my limits and my fitness levels have definately improved since working with him. I am surprised to admit that I look forward to seeing him and my mood is always lifted after my workout.“ Shauna (Speech and Language Therapist)

Gareth is an excellent personal trainer. He is friendly, quietly efficient, and very knowledgable. He is firm without being pushy and tailors his sessions on an individual basis depending on fitness and ability. I have no hesitation in recommending him for personal fitness training.“ Hari (Surgeon)

I had Gareth as a personal trainer for approximately ten months. I started because I was feeling lethargic and generally unfit. Gareth was extremely professional, and as well as the regular sessions, he gave me tips and fitness plans for me to undertake in my own time. At the end of the training, my fitness had much improved, so much so, I took part in the Birmingham Half Marathon, which I completed in under two hours!“Scott (Accountant)

A very professional approach, friendly manner and a varied programme. I have been happy with Gareths approach which is calm and encouraging but not overbearing, I feel that I have made very good progress since starting my sessions.” Tracey (Accountant)

“I have been a client of Ashplant Fitness for 5 years now. After suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 21 I had recently been put on a new treatment known as Anit-TNF. This had made a huge difference to both my emotional and physical health. Whereas previously I had been unable to walk without the aid of a stick I was now able to join a gymn and use the exercise bike. This is where I was first introduced to Gareth.

After an indepth conversation about my previous inability to exercise and my wish to capitalise on the improvement the new medication had made to my health Gareth agreed to take me on as a client and have two training sessions a week. The progress and improvements since then have been ,to me, remarkable.

The Arthritis affects virtually every joint in my body including my knees, ankles, shoulders, wrists and most of all my hands. Even on the days when I could walk without the aid of a stick I had a limp. Now, five years later, the walking stick has been left unused for over two years and I no longer need to use any aids to wash and dress myself. My physcological health has also improved vastly, I have much more self belief and confidence and as a result am much happier within myself.

Since that first consultation Gareth has not only been an unending source of  support and advice but has also encouraged me to try new forms of exercise I thought I would never be able to take part in. He has also encouraged me to change my diet and I now follow a healthy eating plan with excellent results.

Without wanting to sound corny, the last five years have been a remarkable journey for me. With all the help, support, knowledge and encouragement from Ashplant Fitness I have gone from a person who wallowed in self-pity and inactivity to someone who actually enjoys exercise, and the difference it has made in my everyday life has been remarkable.Josh

I have been training with Gareth for over a year and have found him to be an engaging and supportive instructor. He has provided me with a range of information and fitness plans which have allowed me to benefit beyond the individual sessions. Gareth’s motivational techniques and dietary advice have enabled me to make a variety of lifestyle changes and enjoy having increased energy levels and positive physical changes. Gareth was able to support my exercise regime through a period of neck injury which meant I was able to continue with the programme rather than abandon it which I am sure I would have done without his input. He was confident to work alongside the advise of my phsyiotherapist and enabled me not to feel that I needed to limit what I could continue to achieve. The monitoring of personal goals and achievements which he undertakes has been instrumental in providing clear evidence of the benefits of the exercise programme. My own confidence to undertake an array of exercises at the gym has vastly improved since beginning sessions with Gareth and he works hard to understand the type of programme which will both challenge and interest me.“ Sonya (Professor)

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