Diet and Nutrition

We all know that taking part in regular exercise training is only half the battle to reaching our fitness goals.  Some would even argue that our nutrition is more important than anything else.  Even the best gym routine, will have minimal gains unless it is supported with the necessary diet and nutrition.
Ashplant Fitness can provide you with an excellent nutritional assessment.  All we need from you is a food diary covering a minimum of 3 days in a 7 day period and some information about your fitness goals.  Then we can perform an in-depth analysis on your diet and design a food action plan to help you achieve your fitness aims.  Ashplant Fitness performs every analysis individually, so you receive an assessment totally suited to you and your needs.

So whatever your fitness needs, whether you want to gain lean muscle mass or lose body fat, our personal trainers can help you achieve your aims.


Nutritional Assessment & Action Plan £25


*Diet assessments & action plans are included in all Personal Training Packages*

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