Graze: A healthy snack alternative

 Graze: A healthy snack alternative

As a Personal Trainer I am often ask by my clients what I would recommend as a healthy snack alternative. I often suggest foods such as nuts, seeds, fruit, etc. However sometimes these foods are not always freely available in the office, in the car, at service stations or even in the home. So the unhealthy alternatives such as crisps, chocolate, pastries, sweets and biscuits are often calling!

Recently I have come across the website who deliver healthy snack boxes direct to your door. I have just received my second box (see picture below) and I have to say I am very impressed!

Graze box photo Graze: A healthy snack alternative

They have over 100 different food choices. I have just requested a random selection of foods (apart from olives!) to be sent to me each week. There is a selection of foods including dried fruit, fresh vegetables, nuts and seed mixes. You can go through each of the foods and rate each one with a ‘bin’, ‘try’,'like’, ‘love’ rating. All the foods come with a detailed leaflet of the nutritional value of each individual food you receive. The majority of the foods are healthy, snack-size and taste good! Ideal for a busy professional, or anybody that is looking for a healthy snack alternative.

To get a better idea of the service, you can try it for free! Just click the link below to receive your first box free. If you decide that the service is not for you, you can easily cancel after your first box without spending a penny. However. I have been convinced after the free trial and will continue to receive the boxes.

 Graze: A healthy snack alternative

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